Our French running MAChine

Our French running MAChine

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We have some international runners at our Club. They came from different counties and have different reasons for running. It is always an interesting thing how different we are, and still have the same feelings or thoughts about sport. Alexandre J. Pelouze from France tells us why he runs and why he joined our Running Club on Margaret Island.

Why do you run? What are your reasons for running?

11200871_1016154395063237_3115383479333404241_nWhy do I run?  Well, I discover this sport years ago and then it seemed to me the most natural sport I can do. It is really accessible to anyone, since you do not need anything else than a good motivation. I did my first run like most of you when I was really young and when my parents decided to take me for a run. My Dad and my Mother are runners and they have been running for years. The more you run the more you find different reasons to run. At the beginning it is challenging  that you are running with your friends and you are trying to run faster and faster always with the same goal. Enjoying the run because before all it has to be a pleasure. Then you clearly understand the health benefit of running, so that you keep doing it, trying to get faster still but to create new challenges. You look for different routes, different mountains, different beaches where you never been. And you realise than a 10 km is never the same according to where you are doing it.

What are your aims and goals?

My goals are almost what as I have already mentioned above: trying to go faster and to run in as many places as I can. I would love to train more to be able to achieve the first one. I ha11390146_1016160671729276_8663604280891125905_nve to admit that running as any other sport or activity needs a lot of support and organisation when you want to do it at a certain level. First a club is absolutely compulsory if you want to have your best chance of success. It creates the perfect environment where you will always be pulled forward !

How did you start running, and why do you still run?

I started running years ago with my Dad. We started doing some Bike&Run so that we could go for many Km and I could follow. Now it is a drug I am addicted. addicted to the sport, to the fun you are having while running with friends or especially with my brother. Addicted to the special type of tiredness you have when you get back home after 30 km.

Why would you recommend this sport to others? and to other international people?

As an international student in Budapest I found absolutely necessary to do something that can take you in the middle of a crowd of locals and this is the best way to socialise and meet people. They have so much to teach!!! It is the best way for us international people to feel like home when you are traveling abroad. I learnt so much while running with locals that I can call them my friends now. I am proud that running can give you so much. So just Do It!

560825_10152157413315389_1192883364_nWhat do you like in running?

Running gives you a unique felling of freedom. Have you ever ran in a total natural environment without anything around beside nature …. You can run for Km as fast as you can and you will really fell that nothing can stop you. While running in the GR20 last year in Corsica I really experienced it. 6 am the sun is not there yet and the only thing you can feel is the cold air and you hear the rocks under your feet. You are free !

 Why did you choose our running club?

Probably becasue I was strong enough to understand that I am not as strong alone than with a team. Individual sport does not mean being alone facing your goal and your difficulties. It is so much better to have a better runner than you to teach you to support you to help you and to let you grow. I wanted a running team so bad that I started to create the running club of my UniveSAM_0833rsity. Unfortunately I did not manage to make it attractive enough so that I joined MAC. One of my best idea I had in Budapest so far !

Why would you recommend our club to other ( international) runners?

As I said you need one. And if you need one why would you not pick the best one !!! The team is amazing and extremely professional.I have been taught by some of the really best trialthetes and runners and swimmer in France. I am thinking about Hélène Salomon and Denis Mora my running and swimming coach. I have to say that the really basic standard of running are absolutely respected in MAC. All the phases of the training are present to make your experience enjoyable without getting injured every-time which is the most important point while doing sport