Our Italian Latte MACchiato with full of energy and caffeine

Our Italian Latte MACchiato with full of energy and caffeine

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We try to keep interviewing our international runners. The next person who will tell us some word about himself and about his “relationship with running” is Roberto Motta from Italy. Please clikk here to read his background >>>


Back in 2012 I started running to lose weight and stay fit and during that period I met by chance, some athletes which have inspired me to learn more about sport and improve my performances.

I started to run in my free time and to take part to amateur competitions in Hungary and abroad. Running become soon a pleasant routine of my weeks and I keep on training to stay fit, (also If I like Hungarian kitchen very much) I can relax after a working day and I can see new places and meet people during events.

Not long ago through some friends of mine I discovered the MAC, I joined some training sessions and I felt myself quite comfortable because apart of the well prepared trainers, the teammates friendly and welcoming. That’s why I would recommend it to expats too.

My little goal at the moment is to run in Autumn the Half Marathon at Lago Maggiore, my home land, under 1h30 minutes, so I keep on training with the the team and run forward…