A sMACk of France: Jonathan

A sMACk of France: Jonathan

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Why do you run? What are you reasons for running?

jon3.I always loved running. In France, we did a lot of Cross country running as part of our high school curriculum. Yet, my favorite sport is football but I had many injuries playing in the last few years. Running now helps me stay in shape and injury-free longer 🙂

 What are your aims and goals?

Running for me is a pleasure. I occasionally participate in races to challenge myself but my goal is to grow a healthy lifestyle. And running regularly is the main part of it!

 How did you start running, and why do you still run?

After injuries, running is my favorite way to return to fitness. Joining a running club made it even easier to enjoy running and to motivate myself to go for a run! I have met a lot of great people in MAC and the trainers support is priceless to improve while having fun.

Why would you recommend this sport to others? and to other international people?

In my view, sport in general is the best way for foreigners to socialize and make new friends in a new city. Running is no different and more it is a sport that is easy to get started with. Alone or in a team, you can do it anywhere!

 What do you like in running?

In the morning, it gives me a high and kick starts my day. In the evening, it helps me clear my head. And when I’m traveling for leisure or business it gives me a quick way to discover the city.

 Why did you choose our running club?

I initially joined a session with the Nike Running Club led by the same MAC coaches team. Joining a club was really important for me to exercise regularly. Like I said before, motivation comes easier in a group than on your own! I really enjoyed this first experience and went on to try a training with MAC. The members were all very welcoming and it was easy to feel part of the club from the beginning! It was a great choice! And also the exercises performed during the sessions helped me over the weeks to quickly return to fitness and stay in shape later.

Why would you recommend our club to other ( international) runners?

Whether you are a beginner runner or a more advanced one, you will feel welcomed at MAC and find exercises adapted for your fitness level. If you’re looking to exercise in a friendly environment and make new friends, MAC is the placjon4.e to start!

 by Jonathan S. Amoussou